Private Training

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Private Training

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Green Acres Kennel Shop offers private dog training instruction between one instructor with one student and one dog. This program focuses on teaching the behaviors of Look, Sit, Down, Leave It, Stay, Walking Politely, and Recall. As it is a private class, we can customize it to focus on specific needs. We also offer semi-private group classes consisting of one instructor and two students, each with a dog that covers the same material.

What if my dog is reactive, anxious, or aggressive?

NOTE that neither of the above courses addresses reactivity, aggression, or anxiety. These are emotional responses. Training things that most people look for in a dog training class, like sit, heel, etc., do not typically change a dog’s emotional state.

If you need help with aggression, reactivity, or anxiety, I recommend you contact me via email (, so we can set up a time for an initial consultation. Based on our discussion, I recommend the best way to move forward to help you and your dog.

First steps for private training

Based on our 25+ years of experience, we have learned that our students do best by attending our orientation program before beginning in-person work with their dog. Our orientation program introduces you to the fundamentals of canine behavior, human and canine communication, and dog training (Click to read a description of our orientation program). Private training students are required to complete this orientation before the start of private in-person classes.

Our Basic Manners Orientation program includes four videos of approximately 4.5 hours of material that you can access via the internet on a desktop computer or tablet. Technically a smartphone may work, but due to the small screen size, it is not recommended.

To apply to become a private training student, please take the following steps.

  1. If you have not already done so, please review the orientation program’s description noted above, as once the links are sent to you, your fees are non-refundable. If you have questions, email our Director of Training at
  2. Click on the “Complete the Application Form and Waiver” link below this paragraph and read, complete, and sign the electronic registration and waiver form. After completing the form, you will automatically be sent an email by Adobe Sign asking you to confirm your signature. A copy of the signed form will then be sent to you and Green Acres as a PDF file. NOTE: We will not accept or contact you for payment until we have received the signed application & waiver form.

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  1. Upon receipt of the Application Form & Waiver, we will typically call you within one business day to get your payment for the Basic Manners Orientation Videos.
  2. When our staff calls you for payment, tell them that you wish to pay for “Basic Manners Orientation Videos for Private Students,” item code BMOVFPS. You may pay the fee of $95 by credit/debit card over the phone or in the store. If you prefer to send us a check, mail it to us at “1653 Union St. Bangor, ME 04401, ATTN: Don.”
  3. After your payment has been confirmed, email and Don will email you the links to the videos. The videos are copyrighted, and the videos and links are only for the use of you and others in your family that live in the same home as your dog. They may not be distributed or shared with anyone else in any manner.
  4. After you have completed the videos, email and inform him that you are ready to meet with him via ZOOM or in-person, at his discretion, for any questions on the videos and so he can assess your understanding of the materials presented. During this meeting, he will also work with you to develop a specific training plan for you and your dog. The first 60-minutes of this meeting are included in the fees you paid for access to the videos. Any meeting time surpassing 60-minutes will be invoiced at Green Acres discretion, at Green Acres hourly rate for training services ($65/hour) or behavior services ($80/hour).
  5. Don will assign you to one of our training instructors who will email you to schedule your private training sessions. Those sessions will be billed at $65/hour and typically will not go longer than 30-minutes. Payment is due at the end of each session.