GAKS Training – Level 2 – Out & About

Due to the concerns about the COVID-19 virus, the schedule of our dog training classes is in flux and subject to change.

Level 2 – Out & About

< Last Updated – 20MAR20 >


Training the Advanced Recall and Heel

This class focuses on important outdoor behaviors: Coming when called, and remaining by your side on a loose leash while out for a walk, and advanced levels of Attention and Leave It. You and your dog will practice recall past a variety of distractions such as other dogs and edible objects on the ground as well as walking politely on a leash including, automatic sits when you stop and remaining focused on you while walking by other dogs and people.

This class will be outdoors and has a maximum enrollment of 6. If we cannot be outside for any reason, the class will be postponed for a week.