GAKS Training – Level 2 – Glad To See You

Due to the concerns about the COVID-19 virus, the schedule of our dog training classes is in flux and subject to change.

Level 2 – Glad To See You

< Last Updated – 20MAR20 >


Training the Stay and Polite Greeting Behaviors

Glad to See You is the perfect class if you want to take your dog places, like an outdoor café, or if you have lots of people visiting your home. This class focuses on these foundational obedience behaviors: Stay/wait., greeting other people and dogs in an appropriate, calm manner, and advanced levels of Leave It. The focus will be on adding distance as well as various distractions while your dog is to remain in position, teaching dogs to wait in cars until cued to exit, and learning to settle calmly by your side in distracting environments such as in a store or an outdoor cafe. You and your dog will also practice polite greeting behaviors: learning to anticipate, manage, and conduct calm, appropriate interactions. We will practice polite doorway etiquette skills; additionally, you will learn how to help your dog patiently wait when they are not the center of your attention.

Because this class emphasizes a wide range of human to human interaction’s precluded by maintaining specified social distance to minimize infection with COVID-19, all of these classes are on hold until further notice.